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Upcoming Music & Events

Wednesday, July 23rd Wordsmith Wednesdays Book Club & Writing Group  7 pm  Combination book club / writing group

On the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, any interested adults can join us from 7-9pm for Wordsmith Wednesday: a new, combination book club / writing group at Amazing Grace!

Each month or so we will pick a new fiction or non-fiction book. The first half of each meeting will consist of discussion based on the chosen book. The last half of each session will be dedicated to writing… each meeting we will choose a writing prompt out of the hat and the mission (should you choose to accept it) will be to create a poem, short story, essay, song, cartoon (whatever suits you) on the topic. The next time we gather, willing individuals will share their work in a safe, non-judgmental setting.

If you can’t make every meeting, no worries! We will post updates like reading assignments, writing prompts, and discussion questions on this Facebook page to keep you in the loop! https://www.facebook.com/WordsmithWednesdays

But what if you are only passionate about reading OR writing? No worries! Since the evening is divided into two parts (7pm-8pm is the book discussion and 8pm-9pm is the writing portion), you can choose to attend only half of each meeting if you wish. However participants are obviously encouraged to stay the entire meeting!

This is the perfect group for those who say they would like to read/write more but haven’t yet made it happen!

BONUS: 1/2 bottles of wine on Wednesdays!

Friday,  July 25th Bill and Kate Isles 7 pm $10 suggested donation

Bill & Kate Isles are an acoustic singer/songwriter duo based in Duluth, Minnesota. Using a wide variety of musical styles, their performances carry audiences through a broad landscape of experiences from metaphorical worlds to small town family stories and to zany comedy. Consummate performers, they are known for their catchy melodies and memorable songs. They have a deep-seated love for the audience, and each other, and it shines before, during, and after the performance. They tour nationally, presenting their profound songs for audiences large and small, from house concerts to festival stages and everything in between. Words like “Mesmerizing”, “Transcendent”, and even, “Hysterical” are common descriptions from audience reviews and audiences members feel that they are listening to stories of their own lives, told by two of their best friends.

Bill Isles (Born and raised in Duluth, MN) performed his first show of original songs, after a twenty-five year haitus, in February of 2000. Since that time, he has become one of the most well known singer/songwriters in the Minnesota acoustic scene and has been getting national and international attention. Bill’s love of life has strong roots in his childhood, but his urgency to tell these stories comes from an experience in 1993 when, with just enough warning to drive himself to the hospital, he experienced a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. He arrived with just ten minutes to spare. After being defibrillated, and before the doctors had time to detect and open a blocked artery in his heart, he made a commitment to himself that, if he survived, he would begin to write again. Those paddles restarted more than just his heart…

Kate Isles (Born in Tecumseh, NE, raised in Rochester, MN) was a closet singer/songwriter when she came to a CD release concert for Bill’s first CD, “Weightless” after hearing a public radio interview. She bought the CD and signed up on his e-mail list. (“Grounds for marriage!” quips Bill). Their song, “Public Radio (A True Story)” is a delightful duet that chronicles these beginnings.

Their relationship began in the ensuing months as they enjoyed afternoon sessions with guitars, harmonies and coffee. They’ve been together ever since, marrying in May of 2004. They have toured nationally as a duo, full-time, since early 2007, performing about 150 shows per year. Their late-2011 duo album, “Still Beneath the Stars and Moon”, includes ten new original songs, and showcases their respective songwriting with several of Kate’s songs as well as a few they’ve co-written. The response has been very positive with many comments such as “We’re wearing out your CD, we listen to it all the time!”; and “It’s the perfect blend of two voices”.  www.billisles.com

Saturday, July 26th Morrow & Rooftop Fable Folk/Rock & Pop/Hip hop – 8 pm $5 suggested

Friday, August 1st Hannah McDaniel,  Starling of Athens,  Jake Vainio Folk/Rock 8 pm $5 suggested

 “Though she (Hannah) considers her sound minimalist and dissonant, her eleven-song demo recording offers a lot more than a couple of chords and bland emoting. Her fretwork features sophisticated progressions, and vocally she goes far beyond simply putting a teenager’s diary to music.” – Duluth Homegrown Music Festival

Jake Vainio plays piano, trombone and guitar and his musical spectrum ranges from ambient to jazz to classical to grunge.

Starling of Athens: “Finally, the Twin Ports music scene has evolved enough to include a genre “devoted entirely to the atheistic point of view.” That’s how musician and artist Toby Thomas Churchill is describing his solo act for “atheists and other seekers of truth.” Always a clever wordsmith and creator of fantastical blends of instruments, Churchill is the answer to that age-old question: What if Wes Anderson lived in Duluth and plodded along as a singer-songwriter?” – Duluth Homegrown Music Festival

Saturday, August 2nd Randy Anderson – Acoustic Blues – 8 pm

Tuesday,  August 5th Old Time Band Acoustic Open Jam – Bluegrass 7 pm Free

Monday,  August 4th Open Stage hosted by Mary Bue  w/ featured performer Nature Lindsay  6:00 sign up.  Showtime 6:30 to 9 pm

www.naturelindsay.com & www.marybue.com

Tuesday,  August 5th Old Time Band Acoustic Open Jam – Bluegrass 7 pm Free

Friday,  August 8th Passerine – 8 pm – Americana from Florida $5 suggested

Passerine’s distinctive sound combines vocal harmonies, the crisp rhythms of an acoustic guitar, the haunting voices of the fiddle and dobro (resonator slide guitar), the resonant lows of an acoustic bass. With this unusual arrangement of voices and instruments, Passerine offers a fresh take on traditional folk and bluegrass music as well as a repertoire of original songs that range from sweet ballads to the edgier side of contemporary Americana.

Sunday,  August 10th – Bryan Gatten – Instrumental guitar – Patio/Brunch – 9 am

Monday, August 11th  Pushing Chain - Folk/Bluegrass 6 – 7:30 pm

Pushing Chain was formed in 2012 by Boyd Blomberg and Adam Moe. The duo, which has been performing together in various manifestations since 1997, plays roots and Americana music featuring Boyd on guitar and vocals and Adam on the fiddle and vocals. Pushing Chain plays original songs, covers of classic artists like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and Nina Simone, and some fresh new takes on old folk songs. The duo also features tight harmonies and a gonzo approach which keeps performances fresh and exciting, even if you’ve seen them before.

Tuesday, August 12th Music Resource Center Open Stage for students 6:30 pm

Wednesday,  August 13th Wordsmith Wednesdays Book Club & Writing Group 7 pm

Friday,  August 15th Jacks Over Fives 8 pm $5 suggested donation

Jacks Over Fives (JO5) started when two high school friends came together and decided they wanted to make music. David (guitar/vox) and Zack (guitar/vox) wrote songs and performed in David’s basement for a few years before recording an EP with J-Sound Productions with a total of 3 songs. Shortly after, they reached out to Andrew (bass) and Taylor (drums) to complete Jacks Over Fives and began rehearsing and writing in studios at IPR (Institute of Production and Recording). This summer they plan to take on the world and get as many shows under their belts as possible and reach out to people all over with music.

Friday, August 22nd Vivielle CD Release 8 pm $5

“For a bunch of humble kids just trying to be a small part of Duluth’s expansive music scene, Vivielle has started to garner some budding expectations. Though only formed a year ago, this alt-folk four-piece has already built a small and passionate fan base. Guitarist Nathaniel Harvie’s harmonies with Rosie Uggla drive the band’s straight-forward, mid-tempo sound, solidly backed by bassist Lino Rauzi and drummer Joe Rauzi. In January the group released a two-song EP Time Falls Apart. “ – Duluth Homegrown Music Festival

Wednesday, August 27th Wordsmith Wednesdays 7 pm

Friday, August 29th Moors & McCumber CD Release – 7 pm – $10

Americana styling’s made exceptional by the blend of their excellent harmonies and exquisite instrumentation. – Michael L. Phillips Publisher/Editor NewPlains.Com

Moors & McCumber, based in Superior, WI and Gold Hill, CO respectfully, discovered that their music is more than the sum of the parts. Embracing a bigger sound than most duos, they switch up instruments on almost every song (playing guitar, mandolin, fiddle, tenor banjo, Irish bouzouki, piano, harmonica, cello, weissenborn, ukulele, and more!), creating
catchy melodies that are big, bright and electrifying to watch live!

Sunday, August 31st Bryan Gatten – Instrumental guitar – Patio/Brunch – 9 am