Duluth Groceries Curbside Pickup


Curbside pickup is now available 6 days a week, Tuesday thru Sunday, 8am to 6pm. 

  1. Peruse our the online store to begin your curbside pickup adventure from the comfort of your favorite device.
  2. Select Pickup when checking out, and our nimble staff will shop to their hearts content for your carefully selected grocery items and other delicacies.
  3. Await our email confirming your grocery items are ready to meet their forever home. Please allow up to 4 hours during peak times to be summoned for your curbside pickup. 
  4. Park your vehicle in the DeWitt-Seitz Curbside Pickup spot on Buchanan Street in front of Amazing Grace Cafe + Grocery. Please pull forward to the front spot when available, you'll have a much better view of the blue lift bridge.
  5. Call 218.723.0075 to give us your name and let us know you're ready to receive your groceries. Please, don't forget to have your curbside pickup confirmation email ready for us to verify your order. 
  6. After we carefully load your groceries into your car you can hit the road knowing you have some of the finest groceries around in tow. During your leisurely drive home, take time to reflect on the experience of premium curbside pickup. Please, feel free to impart any advice or compliments to us upon your next visit.


Cabin fever setting in? Need to stretch your legs, but don't want to over stretch? We recommend you utilize our in store pickup option when checking out from our online store. 

  1. Shop and pay via our online store. 
  2. Select Pickup when checking out.
  3. Receive confirmation email and wait for the all clear email to signal that your groceries are prepared for in store pickup.
  4. Present the confirmation email to our kind and hard working staff.
  5. Leave with full arms and happy thoughts of meals to be.