Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Now that you changed the name (slightly) and redecorated (majorly), is Amazing Grace still owned by the same people?

A: Yes, Amazing Grace is still owned Connor and his wife Abby. Connor bought the shop from his mom in 2016, she is still retired and really enjoying herself.


Q: Why did you get rid of the stage, will there be music again, where will it be?

A: We went through a lot of changes to make it through this pandemic. Some were easy, many were made with heavy hearts. We remade the stage and the dining room/concert hall, that area is currently closed to the public. However, if we are not helping other customers we'd be happy to give a quick tour, it does involve a hinged hand crafted whiskey barrel wall. It's pretty neat. So in short, yes we will have music again and we are as eager as ever to have those sweet sounds fill the room again.